Access Body Processes

Access Body Processes
Access Body Processes are the most powerful tools for change I  have ever encountered (my interesting point of view), and I  have encountered many. Gary Douglas (founder of access) gave me a process in a class  when I asked what I could do to repair cracked teeth. A couple  of years earlier I had a bad tooth, a root canal and a crown. In  the process they told me I had five other cracked teeth in the  number of cavities. More than $10,000 worth of dental work. They  showed me to crack in one tooth and I could feel it and others  with my finger. I ran the process Gary gave me off and on for  four months. I family found a dentist that had more reasonable  rates and went into start the repairs. The dentist did the exam  and asked “ didn’t you say you had several cracked teeth?” I  told him yes and he told me he could not find any and that I had  no cavities! How does it get any better than that?
Access Energetic Face LiftTM
This was one hour and a half session!
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I awoke one morning a few years ago, got up went back to bed to listen to  a class and rest a while. When I went to get up I could not move  without excruciating pain. It took me an hour to get through the  pain and find a way to get out of bed. I had a friend come over  and run a couple of processes on me, (she had never done this  before). After she finished I was able to get up easily, had  much better range of motion and way less pain! Wow! What else is  possible?

Access Body Processes created by Gary Douglas (founder of  access) and Dr. Dain Heer, have developed a number of energetic  processes to facilitate more consciousness, awareness and ease  in your body. These processes give you access to the energies  you have available to assist the Earth and change or he’ll  anything in your body. The body processes give you awareness of  energies you can perceive, energies you can access that you have  not yet access, and the possibility for a level potency empower  that you never knew you had.

Your body is a primary source for perceiving information about  the world, you learn new ways to access your awareness to your  body with ease. The body process classes facilitate the gifting  and receiving of hands-on body processes, including ways to heal  injuries, eliminate patterns created by drug use, provide  energetic face-lifts and create more space in your body after  experiencing abuse, just to name a few benefits.

What if now is the time to be more aware of the greatness of  embodiment? What if you could be more kind, caring and nurturing  with your body? What if you in your body could live every day in  joyful communion? What are the infinite possibilities?